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How to Deal with and Treat Navicular Disease in Horses

Navicular disease, or sometimes called as palmar health pain, is a type of ailment in horses affecting their navicular bone and tissue. More often than not, this ailment is characterized by inflammation. The presence of the disorder causes pain and a variety of distractions in horses and their performance.

Many horses suffer from navicular disease, with treatment options and handling procedures can be out of reach or ineffective at times. Whether you own a single horse or a rag, it is important to learn how to treat navicular disorders in horses since such an ailment is quite common among these admiringly galloping field beasts. It is equally essential to know which anti-inflammatory medication is suited for horses.

Please read on to the next few parts of this article in order to know more about dealing with and treating navicular disease in horses.

How to Deal with and Treat Navicular Disease in Horses

1. Marking the Significant Signs

For an effective and immediate cure to navicular disease in horses, their disorder must first be identified and diagnosed properly. However, it is not always easy to tell whether your horse is suffering from the ailment. Usually, spotting some changes in your horse’s running, walking and circling performance makes you think something is wrong. There are clearer signs to navicular disease in horses which can help you detect the ailment early on. For instance, frequent stumbling, tenderness of front-end when circling or walking on hard ground, shortened stride, choppy stride, your horse standing using its front food pointed, and so on and so forth. By the time you are able to observe these signs in your horse, you should start to suspect of it having a navicular disease. Immediately after, you should contact your trusted veterinarian for check-up and confirmation. Again, effective treatment comes with early disease detection.

2. Choosing from Available Medications

Following the check-up and diagnosis of your trusted vet, you will be able to gather medical recommendations for the treatment and caring of your horse. There are various selections available when it comes to curing horses with navicular syndrome. Some involve medical therapies while others call for the use of drugs and other injectable medications applied onto the horse hoofs. As a horse owner, you are primarily concerned with the successful healing and full recovery of your horse, but you may not be able to determine which treatment option is best. It is recommended to work closely with your vet to make sure that proper treatment procedure is done to your precious buddy.

3. Applying Proper Horse Care

Horses are likely to develop navicular disease, particularly with improper hygiene and diet maintained. Preventing the onset of the disorder is therefore a much better option than finding the right navicular disease treatment. It is said that navicular syndrome in horses occurs with fatty diet, irregular and improper hoof care, lack of exercise, and indecent footing. As an owner, you should be mindful of observing excellent care to your horse to keep it from being inflicted of disorders like the navicular disease.

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