Presto Music

Anyone scoring a spinoff work, say a much less complicated association of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for young college students, has created a separate work with a separate copyright. Using the sheet music of the easier arrangement has to undergo its own copyright examine to see how and if it might be copied. It is frequent to see eighth notes joined into units of two to make one beat.

music notes art

The sepia colors and getting older at the edges makes this piece so good for collage or mixed media art items. As you’ll be able to see, a piano has black and white keys. Let’s use the black keys to find and be taught the musical notes. There are black keys between most of the white keys, but have you ever seen that some white keys don’t have black keys between them? This forms a pattern repeated across the keyboard, with a gaggle of two black keys followed by a bunch of three black keys. This sample of two and three sets is repeated consecutively till the top of the keyboard.

The ink is then transferre...

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