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The two dots on the clef lie above and below the “F” line on the employees. The staff of the bass clef represents different notes than that of the treble clef. On July 17, 1978, ABKCO adopted Bright Tunes’ criticism and was substituted as the solely real party plaintiff on this motion. In May 1979, Harrison Interests obtained leave to claim affirmative defenses and counterclaims in opposition to Klein and ABKCO for alleged breaches of fiduciary responsibility referring to the negotiation for and buy of the Bright Tunes properties. An eight-day bench trial was held on damages and counterclaims between August 27 and October 15, 1979. Below is a reference that exhibits how the entire key signatures should be written on treble, alto, tenor, and bass clefs.

The plaintiff’s professional witness does not seem to have addressed any issues regarding the potential for prior widespread supply in both widely disseminated in style songs and the defendants’ personal compositions...

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He relied totally on the plaintiff’s inability to demonstrate that the defendants had entry to the plaintiff’s music, with out which a claim of copyright infringement could not prevail regardless how comparable the 2 compositions are. Unless in any other case specified, the music in ukulele is in commonplace reentrant tuning, string 4 to string 1, G C E A. If a piece is in an alternate tuning like G C E G or G B D G, that data is proven instantly earlier than the notation. In these tunings, the notation reflects the actual pitches of the notes. But if the ukulele is placed in a tuning in which the strings preserve the identical relationship to each other—for instance, lowered by a half step (F# B D# G#)—then the pitches are written as if performed in normal tuning.

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If the road precedes the note, that note must be slid into from an indefinite, lower level; if it follows the note, slide down. The course of the slide is dictated by the orientation of the road...

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