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So within the late Forties and early 1950s, many young European composers sought to go “indie” ― to create music that was “ideology-free”, stripped from the ideological baggage of the music of earlier generations. Some did this by “liberating the tones,” some by embracing expertise and algorithms in artistic creation, some by eschewing the normal elements of music altogether. Not only was ideology-free music itself an ideology, but it was structurally inconceivable to create such music.

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This implies that a “hi-fi” sound ought to be established and valued in the course of the mastering process. With that in mind, extreme processing which causes audio degradation, be it from extreme compression, harmonic technology, stereo imaging, or another form, ought to be avoided. Whereas the distortion served as an aesthetic selection in the Velvet Underground’s Debut, the production of ‘The Queen is Dead’ isn’t meant to be seen or thought of when listening.

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The production on this album is just used to augment the instrumentation. Considered the initiation of indie-rock, the Velvet Underground is a source of inspiration for nearly each indie-rock group. Knowing the influences of the Indie-Rock band you’re working with can offer perception on …