7 Efficient Strategies To Get Your Music Seen

Los Angeles different pop/rock/electronic duo Ships Have Sailed are making their debut on MY Indie Music Blog. This is a fine example of “simply because I haven’t featured them doesn’t suggest I haven’t been listening”. From the moment I first downloaded Moodswings and hit play, they felt like an act that I’ve been listening to for years. Catchy pop melodies blend in properly with just enough electronica to tug together a pleasant sound tailor made for a model new musical revolution that is indie music. Press play and Chubbs Malone instantly sets the tone for the entire EP on the opening track Victim, and it does not even come near stopping there. The lead single, Good God Damn, is a direct name to arms against the snowflake era that’s filled with keyboard braveness.

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Bareheart creates the kind of music perfect for these hearth chats with gazing …