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Your compression ought to be refined and used solely for the sake of controlling dynamics, not for crushing the sound or causing noticeable artifacts. When compressing, use a average assault and release time, in addition to monitor your acquire discount meter rigorously if you want to accomplish clear compression. The Queen is Dead provides a few of their most polished productions.

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The odds are, if an indie-rock group uses this album as a reference for their manufacturing, they aren’t in search of a lo-fi sound. Instead, they want one thing polished, clear, and ready for a industrial launch. The sound this album created could be heard in any self-produced indie-rock album of at present.

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Complex instrumentation can easily result in a muddled sound if the wrong processing is used. If the artist claims The Velvet Underground & Nico’s debut album as a supply of inspiration, you’ll most likely be employing analog processing and using a fair quantity of soft-knee compression and harmonic era. If the loops used in an indie-rock song are more hip-hop or pop-oriented, a much less traditional frequency response may be applicable. By various the time a number of bass frequencies occur, you permit …