There’s lots developing with present season stepping into full swing. And of course, please wander over to Poet’s Place and check out Linda’s new selection of poetry. Over on the MorYork Gallery in Highland Park there’s a show with Cristi Lyon and her husband Stevan Wahl. Click right here for exhibition particulars, including to RSVP for the Zoom reception hyperlink. The Rotunda Commission is a new collection of installations specifically created for the Getty Museum’s Entrance Hall. The works are inspired by the Museum’s collection, architecture, and the Getty Center web site.

The recession is over — $181.7 million at Sotheby’s Impressionist and fashionable sale on Nov. four, 2009. Tom Hoving’s Met memorial, Koons goes summary for BMW, EU Charter as poetry, placing public art on Wikipedia, Glasgow Art Fest, more. Jerry Saltz on YouTube on the Gugg, “Beyond New York” goes international, San Jose’s high-tech biennial, extra. Site Santa Fe Biennial online, plus Site Santa Fe’s new director, art needs on-line, “Painting and Feminism,” James Franco live on General Hospital, Baer Faxt golf tournament, more.

Discussing her tenure on the MFAH, Ramírez mentioned in a 2021 interview with ARTnews, “When I began, the museum’s identity was still not absolutely …

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