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Independent artists, label heads, and venue homeowners can think about a bright future for the trade. Distribution is drastically simplified in comparison with the slog of manufacturing and delivery bodily albums. It can all work, if monopoly power in the business is brought to heel. Record labels are impressed with artists who come with monetary backing and a track report of success, suggests Our Pastimes.

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The label’s focus was on placing out honest hip hop music with out the identical emphasis on mainstream success as a number of other labels on this record. Ironically, Ruffhouse couldn’t assist but find business success with groundbreaking hits corresponding to “Killing Me Softly” or “Ready or Not” by the Fugees. There have been a variety of rumors of Ruffhouse’s return to the hip hop game with an album by Beanie Sigel, but that has but to be confirmed.

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Formed nearly a year ago by four Moroccan friends, V.I.V. is a record label and a collective with an purpose to destroy the planet. Other than that, they wish to promote alternative and experimental sounds in Morocco, and develop the music scene. Their catalogue is means far from your average 4/4 …